Painting Progress

I hope the title of this post isn’t misleading!  I think I am making progress but it is all in the eye of the beholder!  

I am taking an online watercolour course and finding information on places like youtube.  The artist teaching the course painted a lemon to show a few different skills.  It looked so easy!  I could do that!  No problem.  Well, let’s not talk about #1…

#2 is better as far as colour goes but the shadow on the lemon is too harsh.

#3 is a bit better again.  The shadow is better both on the surface and on the lemon.  But the highlight looks like it is a hole.

#4 is better again.  One of my favorites.

# 5 is pretty good but a little harsh in colour.

And #6 is probably the best so far.  I like the shape better.  The shadow on the lemon is a little weird on the left side but not too bad.  Somehow I manage to get smears all over the sides of the paper.  I will have to be more careful as I learn.

So all in all, I think I am progressing.

In this post, I wanted to show you that we all start somewhere.  But we have to keep going if we are going to get better.  And if you enjoy it.  I am really enjoying the moments in the day when I can sit in the quiet and practice for a few minutes.   

So what have you always wanted to try?     

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