Two Different Worlds

How is everyone doing in this new world we are living in?

I feel like I am living two different lives.  One life is filled with social distancing, looking after the needs of parents and being involved in important decisions for our family business to protect our customers and staff.

The other life is my “normal” life.  Household chores, making plans for spring, hobbies and life on the farm.

Calving has started with a vengeance! 

We are almost to the halfway point in our little herd.     

This is our third year farming (this time around).  And we have learned some new lessons.  This little fella in particular has been a steep learning curve.

He was born backwards, with the help of our vet, and had to be revived three times for various reasons.

He seems to be recovering.  He is resilient. 

Much like we need to be in these times.  We need to pray.  We need to look out for each other as best we can.  And when it is all over, hopefully we move forward with more compassion and wisdom.

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