Refinishing Projects

We are having a snowy day here in Alberta.  In April.  With COVID 19 keeping us away from people, you would think that being indoors more would be a good thing.  But I am very ready to see green grass and wear flip flops and do outside work!

I do have a few (more) projects to work on over the next while.  We received a chair from my in-laws awhile ago.  It looks to me like the original finish has been stripped.  And maybe the seat replaced?  Anyway, I think that I will use it as a little table in the house.  I am trying to decide if I will just use hemp oil on it or paint it.  I’m leaning toward the oil.

We also received a couple of candlesticks that Les made when he was a teenager.  I love the wood on these and the rich finish.  They will stay just like they are.

From our local charity auction site I picked up a couple of frames.  Now that I am learning to paint I want frames that I can pop little paintings into from time to time.  These fit the bill perfectly.  They are really well made and the size isn’t intimidating for a painting.  I think I will probably use a white paint.

Inside the one frame was a little painting.  I didn’t know that when I bid on the frame.  It makes me wonder who the person was who painted it.  It is sweet and I will keep it for now.

I’m happy with my progress with watercolours.  I am also going to add oil paints to the list.  I follow a blog called Miss Mustard Seed.  She did a free online course last week.  I received my paints in the mail this week, so will be giving the lesson a try in the next day or two.  I am really excited to learn this medium as well! 

What are you doing to keep busy?     

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