How I Am Spending My Time

Life continues as we navigate this pandemic.  But it has changed drastically for so many.  We are home more now and that has opened up opportunities for some of us.  Especially for those with no kids at home.

I thought I would share some of what has been keeping me busy.  Cows, of course, have been a priority on the farm.  We are just about done with calving.  We have had a couple of struggles with calves and the weather has made everything sloppy.  The warmer weather this week will be a blessing!

I have taken up painting!  I wanted to do this before the pandemic, but now I have had more time to indulge myself!  I have done some watercolour lessons with @craftberrybush.

And I have been doing some oil painting with @missmustardseed.  Friday, April 17 is the next lesson.  It will be on painting clouds.  Though she is teaching specifically with oil, you can use other paints and adapt.

I finished a few Picaboo photo books.  One on our trip last year and two on favorite photos I took in 2018 and 2019.  I was a little behind!

I finished the chair and frames I posted about last week.  I just applied hemp oil.  I love the way it still looks old and well used but the wood doesn’t look so thirsty!

I painted one of the little frames white and just washed up the other one.  As I worked with them I was so happy with the quality of the frames! 

I have started a few seeds in anticipation of warmer weather.  It is coming, right?

I have done some reading as well. A novel, a book on faith and this one on Abraham Lincoln. The latter has made me realize that things don’t change much when it comes to politics!

I have also joined a class at  It is a 24 day prompt art journaling course.  It is normally done at Christmas but the artist opened it up to do during this pandemic… for free!  In fact, almost all of the classes I have taken have been for free.  I have never done art journaling before, so I am excited to experience it.  The first prompt was “self portrait”.

Another good resource for art classes is  She has some wonderful affordable courses (USD) and some free offerings as well.

I hope all of you are doing well, and staying busy and are adapting while we go through this crazy time!  

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