Art Supplies

I have been feasting on art classes over the last couple of months.  It is getting hard to break away to do the yard work that needs to be done with the warmer weather!

Though I am far from an expert, I thought I would share a few of the supplies that I have been using that I have really liked.

These porcelain palettes work so well.  I think I would like to eventually get a third one.  It gives me a place to mix my watercolour paints and it stays put without me holding it.  I have learned that if I mix a similar colour in one of the wells, I don’t need to wash it out in between uses.  I got them from Amazon … eventually!  

I did buy some Daniel Smith watercolour paints but I have been using the Art Philosophy pans from Prima Marketing more often.  They have great colours and are available in several different combinations.  I have the Classics and Woodlands … so far.  They have a little mixing palette included so would be wonderful if you are out and about when you paint.

I have bought both Gamblin and Winsor & Newton oil paints.  I have read and heard several times that you should use the best paints that you can afford so I chose these.  I am amazed at all of the colours you can make from a few basics.

I have been using Princeton brushes for the oil paints but don’t have a strong opinion on them at this point.  But I am loving my watercolour brushes.  They are Silver Black Velvet brushes.  They hold lots of water and are so silky smooth.

I have been using a watercolour notebook for my watercolour projects.  It will give me a record of my progress.  I use a stamp to record the date.

I have also used a better quality journal for the art journal project I have been working on.  The paper can’t take quite as much water without buckling but it will make a nice keepsake.

A rolling cart holds the bulk of my painting supplies.  It works so well!  I bought mine from Michaels but they are becoming more popular at a variety of vendors.

Painting has provided a much needed distraction over the last couple of months.  I hope to do a LOT more of it in the future.  Has anybody else taken up a new hobby?    

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