Four Big Plans

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  We had a nice spell a week or two ago but now it is back to wind and cold.  Because of the pandemic, Les is working more at our business, so plans may be scaled back because of lack of time.

The first project will be to move my flower garden.

It is small, but holds a lot of plants that I love.  Unfortunately, the tree next to it has grown so large that it is in the shade for most of the day.

So we are going to move it across the yard to this spot beside the garage.  I think the peonies will like it better and we will be able to enjoy it more from the windows of the house.  We are going to use a backhoe to dig it out as the ground at the house is full of rocks.

Les recently worked on a set of gates for between two sheds.  They are nice and sturdy.  There is just a little bit of work to finish them up and then that project can be checked off of the list.

This corner of our yard needs to be cleaned out and then rebuilt to make a spot for a compost pile.  Nothing fancy as I wouldn’t be consistent in turning the pile etc.  We just need a place tucked away to put grass cuttings and leaves.

And finally, we want to finish the cleanup of this corner.  The bulk of the “stuff” that was stored here has been removed but we need to get rid of all the little bits and pieces and add some gravel.  Though it probably doesn’t look like it, it is much improved from last year.

Now I just have to wait for the weather to clear up and for Les to have some time to help, especially where equipment is involved. 

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