Garden Progress

I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like my life has shifted into high gear now that spring has arrived!  Because of the pandemic, I am trying to fill in on the farm where I can for Les as he puts more hours into the store.  And there are so many wonderful outside jobs to tackle right now.  And then there is painting…

Anyway, we have made some progress on moving my flower garden.  We were going to work on it on Mother’s Day but the weather didn’t cooperate (snow!).  But we did get it dug a couple of days later.  Les used the backhoe to dig up the sod and rock and dirt. 

He made it deeper than I expected.  My plants are going to be in shock!  They have always had pretty shallow soil.

I worked on finishing the edges and leveling out the dirt by hand.

Then Les used the backhoe again to fill it up with soil.  What a blessing that machine is!  It saved me a lot of wheelbarrow time.

I raked all the dirt out evenly, making sure not to get too high on the garage wall.  Then I placed stepping stones down the center to create a path. I also placed an old headboard and footboard on one end.  I plan to grow annual vines on it.  I think I may spray paint it black and attach some wire to the back of it so that there is more surface for the vines to cling to.

I also made a drain area at the bottom of the downspout.  We had talked about putting a rain barrel here but I am going to try this first.  I just need it to channel the water away from the garage and I like the look of this better than a rain barrel.

I have transplanted a few of my plants.  As I can distinguish them in the old garden, I will dig them up and move them over.  I am going to try a couple of hydrangea as well.  Hopefully, they will survive!   

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