Homemade Raspberry Jam

My mom made the best raspberry freezer jam when I was growing up.  Everyone who tried it loved it.  Now I make the same recipe and it gets distributed amongst our family.  I have used wild raspberries, or ones I have grown or raspberries purchased from the grocery store.   

I use the Certo pectin recipe, so I won’t go into quantities.  It is all well explained on the document that comes with the pectin.  I have used either the liquid or the crystals and both work well.

My first step is to wash up my jars and lids.  They don’t need to be sterilized for freezer jam.

Then I wash and crush the raspberries using my handblender.  I’ve  found that 2 of the 340 gram packages of raspberries gives the quantity of prepared fruit needed for the recipe.

Add the sugar and let it sit for the specified time.  Fair warning – it is a lot of sugar!

While it is sitting, I cook up the pectin crystals and water.

Then I stir the pectin into the fruit and sugar mixture and continue to stir for the time required by the recipe.

Pour the jam into the clean jars and screw the lids on.  Let it sit for 24 hours and then put it in the freezer.  The recipe makes about 6 ¾ jars of deliciousness!  I reuse my lids so with each batch I need to write a different year on the top.

I guarantee you it is one of the best jams you have ever tasted!  Yum!         

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