The Hydrangea House

We have deer that visit our property quite regularly.  It started a few years ago and hasn’t stopped.  So my flower pots and my flower garden get a trim once in awhile.  And I don’t like it.  I came home to most of these beautiful flowers neatly snipped off a few days ago.

I decided to try planting a couple of hardy hydrangea plants this year.  They were small when I purchased them but again, they were chewed off close to the ground.  So I decided to fight back, as far as the hydrangeas are concerned.  I am building them a house.

Like my potting bench last year, I am using recycled treated lumber for as much as I can.  The chicken wire came from an old roll at my mom’s place.  I have completed the frame.  I still need to build the access panel for the front of it.  And come up with a way to easily lift it out of place when I need to do some weeding.

I, of course, want to make it pretty as well so I will be finding a way to use some old window frames to spruce it up and make it look more like a little greenhouse. 

I have also moved some of the rocks around under our downspout.  I dug up a big one in my old garden and placed it on the grass edge.  I also put a few more rocks around the outside edges to keep dirt from sliding down onto the rocks.

Hopefully, I will finish it up over the next week and I can reveal the new home of my hydrangeas.   

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