Hydrangea House Reveal

This project was a design as you go project.  I usually have a better plan when I do something like this but because I was working with old window frames, an old roll of chicken wire, and recycled treated lumber, it was more like piecing a puzzle together.  I even recycled some screws!  There are a few extra holes in the lumber because of this but since there were a few from previous builds, it didn’t matter all that much to me.

I was able to use the large window frame across the front for the access panel.  It was a little narrow and everything is a bit warped so I just used a couple of barrel bolts to hold it in place.

I added window frames to the sides using chain. 

And I decorated a couple of posts with birdhouses that I have had for a long time.  I sprayed them with a clear finish.  If they disintegrate over the years, I will just replace them with something else.   

I am pleased with the result and I think it will be effective in keeping the deer away from my hydrangeas.  And it looks pretty too!  A win/win result.  Except for the deer! 

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