Lilacs and Compost

Last week, Les and I spent some time working in the yard at our house.  We had two projects we were focusing on and we got quite a bit accomplished in the time we had.

Though it wasn’t on my radar in the spring, I decided we needed to cut our 5 lilac bushes back.  They are overgrown with a lot of dead wood in each of the bushes.  And they are so tall that most of the blooms are up out of reach.  They do provide some privacy for our living room windows though, so we decided to do just 2 of the bushes this year and more in subsequent years.

I got out my trusty reciprocating saw and went to work.  Funny how all those trunks and branches fit in a neat little space when they are growing, but cut apart they more than fill a dump trailer!  It was hot and sweaty work, but worth it if they will grow back into nice tidy bushes.  I left a few shoots still attached to the base and I expect more will pop up over the summer.  At least that’s the plan!

While I was working on the lilacs, Les used the bobcat to clear out the corner for the compost pile.  It was a mess in that corner.  

He did a beautiful job clearing the area out and leveling everything for the blocks to surround the compost. 

Now I have to get in and cut out the random roots that were exposed and then we will bring in some dirt and plant grass seed. 

And then I will move the pile of compost we currently have on the other side of the yard into its new home.    

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