Beautiful Linens

I am a huge fan of linen.  The fiber.  Though table linens are pretty nice too.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law are downsizing and she has gifted me with a few of her vintage items.  One of them is this linen tablecloth.  She thinks it is probably 50 years old.

I didn’t realize how stunning it was at first.  But when I finally had a chance to open it up I was amazed at the workmanship. 

I did use an iron on it but I think it will need starch to make it lay flat.  But I have been thinking about washing it, let it wrinkle and maybe use it someplace other than a table.  Maybe a window covering?  Hmm … I’m not sure yet.

She also gifted me some handkerchiefs from her mother.  Beautiful right?

And I picked up this little piece for $2 at an antique show last weekend.  I think that may be tatting around the edge?

I also recently purchased a piece of linen fabric online.  I follow a blog where an artist does painting on linen and I thought it may be fun to try it out.

I am always amazed by the beauty people in this world can create.  I hope I can add to it!