Project Snapshot

This summer is flying by!  Can you believe it is August already!  Allergy season has been tough this year so I haven’t done as much outside as I have other years.  But here is what I have been busy with:

I have been painting quite a bit.  Or at least, quite a bit for me as I used to never paint!  I have done a few dog portraits.  Here is my latest one. 

I am considering creating some paintings of fruit and then putting them up for sale.  Here is my first sample.  It is painted on a wood panel that has a 1 5/8” frame behind it.  That would allow the buyer to either hang it or place it on a flat surface.

The newly seeded grass is coming in quite well.  As are the weeds in it!  I will be able to start mowing it soon and next year we will look after the weeds.

The new lilac shoots are coming in!  I am excited to see them form new bushes and to continue to do this with the other 3 overgrown ones.

My little cutting garden is a bit of a disaster this year.  Seeds didn’t sprout and weeds took over.  I ended up planting some leftover perennials from our store.  I’m not sure where I will go with it next year.   edium List 2

The new home for our compost is almost done.  Les placed some of the blocks but has since discovered a few more.  He will make it a little bit higher.  We put the best side facing the neighbor as this side will eventually be hidden with clippings etc.

Les completed the gate!  I love it!  All the different finishes in this part of the yard are beautiful to me.  Though we are going to re-side the red shed, I am not in any hurry. 

The other gardens are growing pretty good and the crabapples are coming along as well. 

There you have it.  I quick snapshot of some of the goings on around here.  I have a hard time thinking that we only have a month of summer left before frost!  Yikes!  What happened to this year?!