Always Beauty

Beauty drives me.  Observing it.  Creating it.  Experiencing it.

I have been known to choose beauty over practicality.  Though not as much as in my younger years.  Perhaps because I see beauty in humble objects now.

A person can’t help but see beauty in the creation all around us.  No matter the season.  Though I have to say, the fall we just experienced was spectacular.

This desire for beauty drives what I put in my home.  I want to be surrounded by items that are lovely to look at and use.

I also appreciate the beauty in what others have created.  And I hope I contribute to the creative world with the art I am producing.

But the kind of earthly beauty that I value most, is that of people.  When they treat each other well.  When they sacrifice for the good of others.  When effort is made.  When heartfelt conversation happens.  When hugs are given and received.  When people gather together in faith.  When your children and grandchildren laugh.  When your loved one reserves a smile or look that is only for you.     

This world needs more beauty.  It needs to stop and consider.  It needs more God and every ounce of the beauty He provides.