Gardening in Pots

The pumpkins are thriving in the pots on our deck.  I will wait until I have a few pumpkins growing and then will cut off any plants that haven’t produced anything.  Heartless, I know.



IMG_0570water (2)

I have only one pumpkin growing for sure at this time (though there is another that looks like it may have caught).  The vine that it is growing on snuck through the fence and so for now I have supported it with a terracotta pot.  When it gets bigger it should sit on the ground.


I also have a tomato plant and a pepper plant growing in a pot.  I always thought you needed to spray the tomato flowers to make them set but it doesn’t look like that is the case.  I have a few tomatoes forming and one pepper.

IMG_0566water IMG_0567water

I really enjoy gardening this way.  My husband has started 2 raised beds for veggies but that is for another post.

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