Clay Stars

The weather is so beautiful in Alberta right now.  Snow is melting like crazy and it makes it hard to hold back thoughts of spring and gardening!   

I believe it was in December that I purchased a package of oven bake Sculpey clay to make stars.  But, life was busy, so I made them in January instead.  At the moment they are in a bowl looking pretty but next Christmas I think they will make a lovely garland, or tree decorations or maybe they will just remain in the bowl!

I started with a paper pattern as I didn’t have a star cookie cutter in the shape I wanted.  After I rolled out the clay, I used a paring knife to cut out the star. 

I wasn’t particularly careful as I knew I didn’t want them to look too perfect.

The package actually made quite a few stars!

I used my finger to rough up the edges a bit and poked a hole in the top for string.

According to the instructions, you don’t want to let them brown when baking.  Oops! But a little white paint took care of it.

I like how they turned out and could see doing this with other shapes for different seasons.  Or with grandkids to make gifts for the people in their life.  The ideas are endless!   

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