How is your spring going? 

We have been busy with cattle for the last couple of months but have found time for a couple of other projects.

The carpet in our bedroom has needed replacing for some time now.  We decided to do a hardwood floor to match most of the rest of the house.  And Les managed to fit it into his already crazy schedule. Sanding is dusty business!

I have been working on building a few garden boxes and laying out the vegetable garden in a way that will decrease the amount of time spent weeding.  Or at least the amount of time we should have been weeding.  I confess, we haven’t been very good at it over the last few years!  We also want to finish up the treehouse you see in the background.

I have completed a few paintings.  This is a sample. 

I currently have a landscape for my daughter in the works but I have got to a point where I am a little intimidated.  So it sits until I gather up some courage to complete it!  

I have also been taking a few online art courses when I can fit them in.  If I remember correctly, I told you about the yearlong Wanderlust art journaling course I am doing for 2021.  This is part of one of those projects.  With a theme of recycling, I was able to include a piece of paper I found in one of my parents’ sheds.  It is my dad’s handwriting with his mix for grass seed.  I love that it is safely tucked into a journal.

We have lots of plans for this year’s spring and summer season, including building a shop.  Which will take up a good portion of Les’ time.  And I always have an idea or two I am working on.  I’m looking forward to being outside and enjoying the fresh air!    

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