A New Firepit

Last year I decided that I would like to use some flat rocks that I had to make a random looking patio space in our lawn.  I would dig the stones in several inches apart and place them deep enough that I could run the lawnmower over them.  I also thought that I could move our firepit, which was now too close to my new flower garden.

I didn’t get to it last year, but this year I decided to go for it.  My plan is to dig a rock in every day or two so that by the end of the season, most of them will be in place.  When I talked my plans over with Les, he suggested that we upgrade our firepit stones from the common ones we had purchased many years ago to something more decorative and classy looking.  But still rustic enough to blend well with our style.  We chose the Belvedere from Barkman.  It comes in several different colours and we chose Copper Canyon.

I started by digging the sod out in a 60” circle.  We live in an area where soil is very thin so I only had a few inches to go before I hit rock.  I then added a layer several inches of pea gravel and leveled it out.

I placed the metal ring that comes with the kit in the center of the gravel and began placing the stones around it in the order that comes with the instructions.  There are 6 different sizes of blocks and 2 sizes of caps.  I found the instructions very easy to follow.  There is some adjusting as you go because the blocks vary a bit in size so you end up moving them closer or farther from the ring as you fit them together.

Once you are happy with the placement of the blocks, you fill the space between the ring and the blocks with more pea gravel and unscrew the board that is keeping the ring in shape.

The next step is placing the caps and that step was the easiest of all!  They overlap the ring a bit and the outside edge of the stones a bit.

I love the look of it and that I was able to do the whole project myself.  All it took was some manual labour and following instructions. 

Now I’m thinking it would be nice to have some kind of screen to give us some privacy from the busy road next to our house.  Hmmm…   

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