Summer Mantel

You guys know that I like to redo my mantel decor with the seasons.  Autumn and Christmas are easy.  But something summery has always been a bit elusive.  This year I have managed it … over several weeks.

I started in May with a pale spring green theme.  I scrounged around my house for items that would fit the theme or were a nice contrast.  And I threw in a bit of gold.

By the end of June I had added a vintage book I found in a thrift store and a sprig of faux lily of the valley.  And I removed some of the gold.  

As of today, it looks different again.  I have added a few more vintage books, as well as a small silver platter I had in storage.

I used the clay stars I made after Christmas.  I love the white against that pretty pale green.

The colour of the glass beads blends in beautifully.  

And the touches of faux greenery make everything look fresh.    

Collecting vintage books is new for me.  I have started looking for them for both art projects and for display.  They work wonderfully to lift up decor items and make them more important.  I have been looking mainly for black and green covers for decor.  And I have picked up other colours to use in art projects or as art journals.

I really like the look of this display, but it won’t be long and it will be time for the warm colours of autumn! 

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