A Garden Fence

Over the last decade or so, the deer population in and around Sundre has increased dramatically. And local gardens have suffered the consequences! I moved my flower patch to a space beside our garage a couple of years ago and the deer seem to believe that it is now their personal buffet. So a fence is necessary.

Last year I tied some chicken wire to a few flimsy rebar posts during peony season. But it was not there long enough. So this year I am digging holes and putting in permanent posts and a gate.

I started by lifting the sod about a foot out from the edge of the bed.

Then I dug (with Les’ help) post holes every 4 feet or so. The soil here is very rocky so this was not a fun job at all!

Using redi-mix concrete, I set 2”x8’ treated posts into the holes checking to make sure they were as level as possible. I will trim the tops of the posts off to a consistent height when the fence is done.

I am going to use 4×4 posts for gate posts and I have something unique for a gate. I will keep you updated!

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