After our night at the truck stop, we headed across Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The trees got bigger and dairy farms became abundant.  Wisconsin is very pretty with lots of green and rolling hills.

We got to our campground near Green Bay, set up camp and crashed.  With air conditioning!  It was a long day!  The campground was crowded but in quite a pretty area.  They had a little bridge that crossed a creek and a pathway through a wooded area. 

The next day we headed to Milwaukee to check out the Harley Davidson museum.  We ate lunch at their restaurant, toured the museum and then picked up a few souvenirs.  They had so many bikes on display!  Including one that had washed up on the west coast after being washed away in Japan!  And a few that had been modified by their owners.  If you are a bike fan, I would recommend it!  We also stopped at a Blick art supply shop and a Hobby Lobby, both stores we don’t have in Canada but I have always wanted to check out.

The next day we spent the morning at the campground and then hopped on the bike and headed up the peninsula about Green Bay through Door County.  It was not what I expected at all.  Lots of cute little towns full of shops and tourists.  Cherry orchards.  So many views of Lake Michigan.  And at the very end, a twisting road which is always fun on the bike.  

Wisconsin is known for its cheese and its cherries.  So of course we had to try out some of that local food.

Our next adventure took us into Michigan.  I will share that in my next post.

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