On Nasturtiums and Sickly Frustration

Many years ago I planted some nasturtiums in a pot for summer colour.  I vaguely remember liking them then but I haven’t planted them in years.  This year I decided to use them again and I am really happy I did!



They were the perfect colour to go with my pansies and marigolds and I really like the colour and shape of the leaves.



On another note – July has been a month of no routine and it’s driving me crazy.  I’m the kind of person that likes to wake up knowing what I am going to do that day and I have a morning routine that I like to follow.  I helped at our VBS for a week in early July which I had planned for so even though it changed my morning routine I was ok.  But I have been sick off and on in July which has totally changed my exercise routine and has limited my activity for the summer.  I haven’t had those summer days we imagine when we think of July and August and it’s driving me crazy!  Hopefully, I am on the upswing and I will be free to enjoy this time of year without feeling lousy.  There, I am done my whining and will move on 🙂

Enjoy your summer everyone!

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