Pallet Workshop Wall

Today I worked on a project for my grandsons.  They love to string bungee cords together and work at building things so I attached all sorts of fasteners to a pallet.  A pallet is sturdy and heavy enough that it won’t topple easily.  If they use it without me in the future I will attach it to a wall or fence.

First, I selected a pallet that was in pretty good shape.


Then I sanded it down a bit to take off the splinters.  As always, don’t forget to use your safety glasses!


I screwed in some screw eyes for use with bungee cords or whatever they come up with.

IMG_0664water (2)

Then I drilled some holes to slide some bolts into.


I had a few other spare parts kicking around that I attached here and there.


A couple of long dowels were inserted inside the pallet and can be easily slid out.


All of the bits and pieces so far came from our garage.  I purchased a few other items from our store that I have yet to attach.  Inexpensive but I think they will really add to the project.


What do you think?  A quick and cheap project for the little carpenters in your life.

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2 thoughts on “Pallet Workshop Wall

  1. Pat Holmes

    I love this, they are going to love it, make sure you take some pictures of them using it so we can see what they thought! 🙂