Photojojo lenses – Macro

In July I took a Phone Photography Course and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  In the course they listed off a variety of accessories you can purchase to broaden your phone photography experience.  One of these items was a set of little lenses from Photojojo you can attach to your phone camera lens magnetically to give you different effects.  It included a macro/wide angle, a telephoto, and a fisheye lens.  Over the next few days, I thought I would review these lenses one by one.

First I would like to show you what you get if you order the set.  The lenses are available individually but there is significant savings when you order the set.  With each lens you also get a cover, a magnetic back plate and a variety of adhesive magnetic rings to attach to your phone.  Please be sure that your case will work with the size of the lens.  We had to use a Dremel to carve out my Otter Box case to fit the lenses.



The macro and wide angle lens come as one.  The wide angle portion screws into the top of the macro part so it is two lenses for one.



Here are a few samples of some macro photography using the macro lens.  I found you have to be really close to your subject for it to be in focus.  Also, every little shake is magnified when you use a macro lens (DSLR or phone camera) so brace the camera as much as possible.




Next, the wide angle lens.

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