Houseboating Vacation Part Three

This time around I thought I would share a few of the photos I took while houseboating in August.  We went for a week this year and for a few of those days our daughter and her two boys joined us.  The weather was great and it was fun to experience a houseboat vacation through the eyes of our grandsons.

I like to do some up close photography on our trips to the lake as well as some wide angle.








Here was a great example of what not to do when you are at the lake!


I hope you enjoyed this series of posts.  I’m sure there are things I have forgotten to mention about houseboating but I would welcome any questions you have.  Have a great day everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Houseboating Vacation Part Three

  1. Heidi

    Beautiful pics! Only question I have is how do you leave a busy business to make sure you get a holiday!?:)

    1. the general store Post author

      You wait until your kids grow up and they can run things for you while you are gone! As well as relying on some key people on your staff. And of course, you stay in touch by phone in case they need your help.