Balancing Life

Has anyone out there got it right?  Is anyone satisfied with the balance of your life?

This is an issue I continue to struggle with.  I am a list person and tend to try and compartmentalize my life.  So here are the basic “parts” of my life that ask for or demand attention.

My first allegiance is to God.  I owe Him my whole life.  I talk to Him every day throughout the day.  It is a relationship that isn’t in a box because it affects every area of my life.  Ok, so now here is the list:

My family – My husband and kids and grandkids are my primary relationships.  I am crazy about all of them.  And I am very protective of my time with them.   My Mom would be included here as well.

My friends and extended family – I have some very close relationships in this group.  And I am constantly at a loss on how to spend quality time with all of them.

Service – I believe that everyone benefits from serving others.  Currently, I volunteer in our church but I have helped out in some community organizations as well.  We learn so much when we go beyond ourselves.

Work – Yup, ya gotta do it.  And the only picture you are going to get in this post is of the gift area I look after for our business 🙂


Home – Making my home a warm and comfortable place for my family is a great joy for me.  Except for cooking.  I really wish I could like cooking.

Personal – This is the stuff that takes care of me.  Exercise, hobbies, quiet.  You get the picture.  This is the area that often gets put on the back burner when time is stretched.

I think that about covers it.  If you listen to the self-help folks they always tell us to look after ourselves first.  I don’t believe that.  I think the time we invest in any of the areas of our lives ebbs and flows.  I think the problem comes when one area takes over for too long.

And as much as we have been told and want to believe it, I don’t think we can “have it all”.  Nope, I don’t believe it.  That kind of thinking just leads to disappointment and guilt.  I have never met anyone who was able to accomplish it.

Balance is a constant struggle.  And if I come up with a solution I will let you know.  Or if you have some good ideas leave me a comment.

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