8 Glasses of Water

I like water.  I like swimming in it.  I like soaking in it.  I like drinking an ice cold glass of it.  But I really struggle drinking the recommended 8 glasses of it.


But I am going to change that!  I am going to start slow.  Maybe 3 or 4 glasses a day – a glass being 8 ounces or one cup.


I think I may try putting 3 or 4 empty cups on the counter to remind me and work my way up.  How about you?  Do you drink enough water every day?

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4 thoughts on “8 Glasses of Water

  1. jan

    In winter, I make myself a 1 L thermos of herbal tea in the morning (drink it throughout the day) and drink one glass of water per meal. That gets me pretty close and sometimes I add a smoothie …. thought I would do the same with iced tea this summer but I didn’t persist in building that structure into my days 🙁

  2. jan

    oh, and btw, the iced tea is herbal, sweetened with stevia and honey so not many calories and no sugar spike and sugar low!