Ripe Tomatoes

I have a wonderful tomato plant this year.  I put it in a pot and found just the right location for it.  A couple of the tomatoes on it were getting really big and one of them was getting redder every day.  This is the bowl full that I harvested when we got home from a bike ride late in the afternoon.


See that lovely big red one on the table.  Well this is how it looks when I turn it over.


Yup, see that big bite out of it?  We have had a deer problem this year and I guess he was waiting as eagerly as me for the tomatoes to be ready to eat!  So I decided to pick the rest and let them ripen indoors.  Hmmm.  We will have to find a solution for this problem next year!

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One thought on “Ripe Tomatoes

  1. eileen

    the tomatoes look delish – we share the deer problem in the ne too, we have an old dry doe who absolutely loves the petunias, the blooms just open up nicely and she is in eating them off grrr. i have some blood product(probably wouldn’t be good for the tomatoes though) that marie recommends but i guess i didn’t put enough on – no blooms in the front maybe i will try again next year