USA Days 4 and 5

Before I say anything about the trip, I want to encourage everyone to get out and vote today!  We don’t have any right to complain about anything our local governments do if we don’t do that one simple thing.

Now back to our trip.  This is where our trip veered off from our initial plans.  We had planned to head west to the coast, ditch our trailer while we toured Vancouver Island on our bike, cross back over to the mainland to zipline at Whistler, pick up the trailer and head to Osoyoos for a few days and then head back home.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  Riding around on the bike in rain is not a fun time!  So we both picked up our smartphones and checked out other options.  We both checked out Jackson, Wyoming and it looked like the weather there was going to be hot and sunny.  Perfect!  So we headed southeast instead of west.  It rained for quite awhile as we travelled from Washington, through Idaho and into Montana.  But eventually it cleared up and we stopped here for lunch.



Our target for the night was Dillon, Montana.  We have stayed there overnight before, getting in late and leaving early.  When we arrived this time we were early enough to tour around the town.  From the highway it looks like a little country town but it is really a college town with all sorts of interesting architecture.  There were several life size bronzes for sale on street corners that were quite impressive as well as the picture perfect grounds of the school.




The next day we were off to Jackson.  We drove south to Idaho Falls and then east towards Jackson.  A couple of miles out of Idaho Falls we discovered that we had both looked at Jackson, Wisconsin on our phones instead of Jackson, Wyoming.  Oops!  Jackson, Wyoming was going to be cold and overcast.  We stopped and made a change of plans again and headed to Brigham City, Utah.  And the farther south we went the more colourful the countryside got with red bushes and yellow trees covering the hillside.  Beautiful!


And the next day it was time for another bike ride!

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