USA Day 6

After I wrapped my head around our change in schedule I was ready to explore this area of Utah.  We have never spent much time in northern Utah.  We usually just head straight through Salt Lake City for the beautiful southern part of the state.  We headed first to Logan.  What a lovely little city and the road there was stunning.


After Logan we wound our way through a ravine on our way to Bear Lake.  The leaves were changing and traffic was light which made it a great ride.



Looking over Bear Lake from the crest of the hill was breathtaking.  And so was the wind!  A few brave people were trying to eat their lunch there but we headed into town.


We ate our lunch by the lake where there was little wind.


After lunch (and a nice chat with a couple of elderly couples) we headed back to camp by a different route.  Here we rode much higher up and had views for many miles.  It really was surprising to see this beautiful corner of Utah.




When we got back into town, we stopped at one of the many produce markets along the road.  I would have loved to take home some pumpkins.  They were 2 for $1 for many of the sizes.  Crazy!




The next day we continued south…

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2 thoughts on “USA Day 6

  1. Heidi

    Beautiful pictures Michele:) The colors in the second picture are breathtaking! I also love the produce ones!