USA Day 8

The night we arrived in Green River I had a terrible sleep.  In the morning I told my hubby that he should go on the bike ride and I would stay and relax at camp.  But as the morning progressed I decided to give it a try.

We had travelled the road from Provo through Price and on to Green River 6 years ago in the dark.  All I remember about it was that it felt like a narrow winding road.  Because of that experience we have avoided this stretch of road while pulling the trailer.  But we were wrong!  Most of this road was wide and though it goes over the mountains it is easy to drive.  The narrow stretch we remembered was short.



On this day we drove it from the other direction and turned off before we reached Provo taking a different loop back.  This part of the trip was really beautiful with all the fall colours.  For all of you that bike you can sympathize with my poor husband having to stop continually for me to take photos.



We also took a little side trip towards Scofield where we stopped for lunch and cruised by a coal mining operation.  The roads were very winding here and it was fun and a little heart stopping at times!



Back on the main road we climbed to the top of some mountains where there was snow here and there.  You could see for miles!



At the end of the day I was so glad I decided to go.  And that night, I slept well!

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