USA Day 9

We have learned over the years that during a touring kind of trip we need to take time to stay at our campsite once in a while.  We aren’t very good at it but it is important not to be rushing around all of the time.  So on this morning we puttered around the trailer and wandered across the road to a little museum.  The clouds were building by lunch time but we decided to head south on the bike anyway.


We rode to Moab (love Moab!) and then south towards Monticello.  On this trip we stopped at a couple of sights we haven’t done before.  The first one was “Hole in the Rock”. Many years ago a fellow decided to build a home in a huge rock.  A 5000 square foot home to be exact.  He and his wife lived there and she continued to live there after he died.


We took the tour and then walked the grounds.  An artist has built several sculptures using a variety of metal junk.  There is a jeep,



a golfer made from golf clubs,


and a bull made from a variety of scrap.



We made a few other stops along the way for photographs.



And then we made a turn on the southern road into Canyonlands National Park.  The parks we had hoped to see on this trip were closed due to the government shutdown.   On a whim we decided to drive to the gate and passed by the Newspaper Rock – a rock face with various pictographs on it.


The drive to the gate was well worth the ride.  With the storm brewing the sky was wonderful and the red rock formations were awe inspiring.





We drove back to Moab for supper and then on to the campground in the dark and pouring rain.  Not fun but the day had been  worth some discomfort!

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