Unusual Flower Pots

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I mowed our lawn Saturday morning for fear that I wouldn’t get another chance anytime soon!  Rain kept me inside Sunday afternoon.  Perfect for a nap J

Everything is very green here.  I planted quite a few pots this year.  And I thought that a couple of them would be of interest.



This green watering can doesn’t have much of an opening but just enough for some pansies to peek out.



I can’t remember for sure, but I think this coffee pot came from some junk on my folk’s farm, inherited from previous owners.  It looks perfect sitting in my little garden.  I popped a few hens and chicks in it.  They are prolific so if they don’t survive the winter I always have more to replace them


I purchased this pot in Colorado at a Mexican pottery shop.  They always have such interesting variety in places like that.  And the opening is large enough that I could fit this welcome tile into it.  I love it when things go together like that!

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One thought on “Unusual Flower Pots

  1. Pat Holmes

    Love these pots, you are so creative!! 🙂 The blue of the pansy is so beautiful against the green of the can.