USA Days 14 and 15

When we left Jackson we once again headed over Teton Pass but this time we were pulling the trailer.  Thankfully we crossed without a problem.  In Idaho we drove through really pretty farmland.  Most of what we have seen of the southern part of Idaho has been from the interstate so on this trip it was refreshing to see that there really is a lot more to it!

We made our way to Townsend, Montana for a couple of nights.  This is something we have learned when we travel in this way.  Take your time on the way home if you can!  It ends the holiday on a more relaxing note.  The next morning we donned our heated gear as it was only 5 degrees Celsius.  We did a loop to the east of Townsend.  It is quite a high road but really lovely.




The highpoint for me was seeing the Crazy Mountains just north of a town called Big Timber.  The farmland and the mountains in the background is so picturesque.


We also got to stop and chat with a modern day shepherd.  I was amazed on this trip at how many flocks of sheep there are in the various places we travelled.


The USA provides warmer weather for those of us that like to bike in the off season but it is always great to be back in Alberta.  My next post will be about a breathtaking provincial park in Alberta.

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