Time to Reorganize!

I don’t know about you but when the summer is over and the cold weather moves in I start to take a hard look at my home.  Over the summer, outdoor projects take precedence and the inside of my house gets messy and disorganized.

This year I decided to move one storage cupboard from room a to room b to house my photography equipment.  This required me to unload the shelving that was already in room b and the storage cupboard in room a.  What a pile of stuff!



Then I had to wiggle both units through the hall to exchange them.  The shelving was easy but the cupboard got stuck!  My grandsons were in their heyday watching me and trying to push!  It would have been quite comical to see!


My wonderful husband came to the rescue as he has many times before.  The cupboard is loaded up and working nicely but I am not happy with the shelving unit now.  But I have an idea that I will let you know about next time!


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