Phone Photos Update

After my phone photo course in July, I have dramatically increased the amount of photos I have taken with my phone.  I used it frequently on our holiday to take photos from the truck and the bike.  You know – those photos you wish you could take but can’t stop the vehicle in the right spot to take them?

Here are some of my November photos using editing programs right on my phone.  They are quick and easy to use and the results can be pretty cool!  I have included befores and afters so that you can see the difference the editing makes.

Footprints in the snow.




Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon.  At least I think it was Sunday because I don’t think I would have been sitting on the couch in the daylight!



My grandson playing hide and seek.



The first snowman of the season.  Only a few inches tall because the snow wasn’t the right consistency but my grandson had fun.




I post to Instagram so many of my phone photos are cropped to square to do that.  I would never give up my DSLR but my phone can fill in the gap.

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