An Autumn Photoshoot

A little over a month ago a friend of mine called me up and asked if I wanted to go out and take some photos before we lost all of the fall colour.  I was busy that day and had cooked a big supper for my hubby (an unusual occurrence).  I had some finishing touches to do to complete the meal so I told her that I had about an hour and a half.  She agreed and off we went.  The leaves unfortunately were pretty much gone but it was still very worth the trip.


We met a mother moose and her calf alongside the road.  Yes, we were careful and kept an eye out for each other.  Though I got a few shots that were clearer than this, I really like the way this one suggests motion.


This one has too much flare but again, I like the look!


You can’t beat a wide angle lens when it comes to shots like these.




We ended the day at a slough.  And it was beautiful!




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