Burlap for Christmas

I think I have pretty much finished decorating the outside of my house for Christmas.  I have strung my lights a little bit differently than other years.  I’ve dragged out a couple of boxes and picked out what I want to use this year.  And one of the new items I decided to try is burlap.

In one of my shipments at our store several items were wrapped in burlap.  My first thought was that I would just toss it.  Then I thought about wrapping it around an evergreen shrub we have for winter protection (though I am starting to believe it is already dead).  But then when I got it home inspiration struck!  Use it to decorate for winter!

I tucked it into a couple of our window boxes and added some pinecones that I have gathered over the years.  I usually fill the window boxes with greenery but I am liking the change!



Then I used another piece to fill a wire basket.  Again I added the pinecones and used a backdrop of a child’s sled.  Add a little greenery and it’s done.


I’m kinda thinking that burlap has a permanent place around here!

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