Christmas in My Yard

Every year I fill our urns with greenery for the Christmas season.  In the past, it would mostly be from the spruce trees in our backyard.  We have a long row of them for privacy and every year I give a few of them a haircut at Christmas.

In recent years, we have stocked cedar and other greenery in our store.  That has made my urns much more elaborate.  A little of this and a little of that.  Some real and some silk.  I am not a flower arranger by any stretch of the imagination but I am happy with the results.



This year I also strung some faux pine garland between some posts on our deck.  I added some rope with various decorations tied to it as well.


One of my oldest decorations is a couple of bells simply made from a couple of terracotta pots turned upside down.  I put this together years ago and still like the look!


Now that the outside is done, it’s time to turn my attention to the inside.  I have been busy at the store in November so when December comes, look out!


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