A Christmas Wreath

My Christmas tree (that will hopefully be up this Sunday) is a combination of a variety of different kinds of decorations.  Ones we have collected over the years from various places.  Ones that people have given us.  Ones that were made for us.  Ones that I made.  Somehow, all the glass balls didn’t seem to fit in really well.  I am more of a homespun type of person in my décor.  So a couple of years ago I got out a glue gun and a Styrofoam wreath form and got started.


If I were to do it again, I would work from the inside of the wreath out.  And if you decide to make one of your own, trust me when I say that it will take more balls than you thought it would!  I was madly purchasing small ones to fill in all of the holes.  I think I would also paint the form so that any gaps don’t show up.


But all in all I am satisfied with the result – except for those two hanging down lower than the rest at the bottom.   🙂

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