Nativity Love

For me, the central meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  His birth and the subsequent events of His life changed and continues to change the world.

We have several Nativity sets in our home.  This one is our very first.  I remember being pregnant with our first child and going for an ultrasound in the city.  We stopped at a mall and found this little glass one that was in our budget.  It continues to come out every year.


We purchased this one on a holiday to Nova Scotia.  We went to the home of Seagull Pewter and my hubby picked this out.  It is so beautifully detailed.


This one was a gift brought home from Israel.  That it came from the birthplace of Christ is so meaningful.


And this set I purchased many years ago.  I love the rich colours and the skill needed to paint each individual piece.  I made the stable using a concept my dad used when he made a stable for my daughter’s nativity set.






As I type this, I realize that each set has so much meaning for me in different ways.  Some are simple, some are intricate.  Some were handmade, some mass produced.  But all of them celebrate that great event over 2000 years ago!

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