What a Light Show!

I’m back!

I hope all of you had a wonderful and warm Christmas season.  We had several family celebrations this year and enjoyed them all.

After everyone went home on Christmas Day, my hubby and I drove down the road to the country home of a fellow Sundreite (?).  She has put together a light show on her property that is spectacular.  I don’t know how late in the year she does it but if you get a chance it is worthwhile checking it out.


There are strings and strings of lights.


And so many inflatables that it was beyond counting.




She also had little painted villages and figures scattered throughout.


There is a parking area and paths that take you through the whole display.  She doesn’t charge a fee but there is a donation box and guest book.  I can’t imagine what her power bill must be in December!


It is west of Sundre just before you go up the hill.  You can’t miss it.  And believe me, driving by it doesn’t do it justice!

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